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July 2010

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Friends ONLY - The time has come!

From now on all my new entries will be for friends only. So, I thank to all the people that came here in these recent years from around the globe to read my impressions and poems. My special thanks goes to those who took the time to write me a small message and share their thoughts, openly or not.

Okay, if you added me to keep track of my entries, I say thank you and to my old friends I say NO PROBLEM: everything remains the same.

love, hugs and all the stuff



thank you, Andrea, for all your poems and words. I rare can write a comment here. but aiways read your lines with a great pleasure :)
I say thank to YOU dear Alla! Let's keep in touch... ;)
Love and hugs, dear Andrea!

Thanks Tania! :)
ya ne ponimaju po-anglijski :(((
;D ho scritto che d'ora in avanti il mio LJ sarà visibile solo ai miei friends... quindi non ci sono novità per chi è già da tempo nella friends list! ;))
.. io scheeeerzo!! eto shutka, daaaa!))))
davvero pensi che sono cosi stupida che non posso capire questo in inglese? XDDDD non ho fatto 5 anni di universita, ma inglese non e' russo)))))))
Stop making a fool of me! ;D
who?! me?!!!?? :D
Ogni tanto ho problemi di schizofrenia... con Lera ormai parlo un "mix" di italiano, inglese e russo: diventerò pazzo sicuramente :)
rofl XDDD
fra poco parlerai anche giapponese)))
"cara Lera, I'm hungry, morozhenoe tabetai yooooo" =))))
ma va! :)))
...mi prendete in giro!
its a great idea to post to "friends only". i've been thinking about it strongly myself :)

New York?? a destination soon?? :))

New York

Thank you Bette! It's just a dream... ;)

Re: New York

and a very good dream ;)

i've never been to New York, so it is a dream of mine, too!

Re: New York

Ah! I wish I could visit the "Big Apple"... may be the next year (crossing fingers!)

Re: New York

yes, lets hope for next year! may your wish come true.
- everything remains the same - thank you))
Trust me! ;)
I am so lucky!

I guess it is like tides: now and then we need more privacy.
Wishing you to use this time for your benefit and ... whatever you truly need.

And once again: am I lucky!!!

Yes, I need more privacy for sure! Thanks for your kind comment.